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66416question2_c1. You Get to Keep All of Your Feedback Even if You Stop Subscribing!

2. Your Positive Feedback is Quickly Indexed by Google, Bing and Yahoo because of our format. This Means Organically Moving Up In Search Engine Results!

Automate Your Customer Feedback, Reviews & Testimonials

Get Your Review On™ is designed to let an organization or agency to easily implement a customer feedback and review management process based on industry standard best practices.

Get Your Review On™ automatically requests feedback, prevents negative reviews, publishes testimonials on your site, and encourages happy customers to post reviews across the web.

Feedback That Works

The Peak Reputation, Inc. Approach

Your organization needs to build positive reviews on sites like Google, Yelp and others … 

Get Your Review On™ acts as a buffer between your customers and Internet review websites. 

Get Your Review On™ directly engages customers by first asking for their confidential feedback. This insight allows organizations to resolve issues before customers post to public review sites.

Separate Distractors From Promoters

Positive Feedback Implementation: Customers who leave positive reviews are directed to a feedback encouragement page, inviting them to leave public reviews. Links to review sites you’ve selected populates their screen encouraging good ratings.

Negative Feedback Interception: When customers give negative ratings your organization is alerted, allowing you to address issues before customers leave negative comments on the social web. This approach improves customer interaction and builds positive reviews on the Internet.

Recommended Google Format: Data generated by Get Your Review On™ data is optimized for Google indexing by encoding information in the format. This drives greater visibility and accessibility for your organization.

business schemaGet Your Review On™ utilizes Net Promoter Score (NPS) to measure how satisfied customers are with your business. Monitoring your NPS provides a quick indicator of the health of your business in terms of customer satisfaction. 

Understanding Net Promoter Score

Companies with a better ratio of Promoters to Detractors tend to grow more rapidly than their competitors. Companies with the most efficient growth engines operate with an NPS of 50 to 80.

An average firm sputters along at an NPS of only 5 to 10, their Promoters barely outnumber their Detractors. Many firms have negative Net Promoter Scores, they are creating more Detractors than Promoters day in and day out.

NPS-overviewThese low scores explain why so many companies can’t deliver profitable, sustainable growth – no matter how aggressively they spend to acquire new business.

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