The Alexa Website Accelerator™

In simple terms, Alexa Traffic Rank is a rough measure of your website’s popularity, compared with all the others out there on the internet, taking into account both the number of visitors and the number of pages viewed on each visit.Alexa Website Accelerator

The most popular website online (currently Google) gets a rank of 1, the next most popular (Facebook breathing down Google’s neck) has a rank of 2 and so on…

The metrics provided are easy to understand, and Alexa gives you a pretty good yardstick to see how you are doing compared to your competition.  The higher your Alexa rank, the more stats they give you.

What it mostly comes down to is traffic.  And not just any traffic, but good quality targeted traffic.

Websites with a good rank on Alexa tend to get more traffic from Google, and better reach on social media.  So success begets success!

The better your Alexa Rank, the more targeted traffic you are getting.  

The more targeted traffic you get, the more prospects and sales you have the opportunity to close!

Advertisers frequently check Alexa’s information on a site before spending to advertise there, meaning that your higher rank equals more website revenue for you as well.

So what can you do to improve your Alexa numbers and take advantage of all these benefits?!

  • Hire an SEO expert and wait awhile. (effective and costly)

  • Building a huge network following on Social Media. (effective and slower to build and engage)

  • Paid traffic sources like PPC. (costly and time consuming)

  • There IS something that you can have done right now that will catapult your website, and therefore your business into the Internet Spotlight!  Something that will give you measurable results that you can see without needing a huge checkbook…

Alexa Website Accelerator

Within the first week you will notice that your site has:

  • More frequent and quicker indexing by search engines

  • More and better targeted traffic from Google

  • Better exposure through directory sites

  • Treated more as an authority site

  • A considerably better Alexa ranking

  • The attention you’ve always known your business deserves!

Peak Reputation has years of experience that we will use to explode your Alexa Rank, getting you all of these benefits in less time than most SEO campaigns can even begin!!

What some clients had to say…

large-arrow-pointing-right-33.3-10795WOW – now I’m up at 242,066 in US on Alexa. What does that mean to you? I am NOW getting phone calls for business! Even though I’ve been in biz for over 30 years, none of my websites were set up properly to stand out beyond being a “billboard in space” Out of the 3 billion worldwide I didn’t even RANK – 2 weeks ago! But with Jim and Jodi’s help I am now visible to those who NEED to find me.
Everyone has been asking – what are they doing? I haven’t got a CLUE! But I tell you it’s a great investment!

Their Global SEO improved ranking on Alexa means more visitors guaranteed!  Sheryl Nicholson – Intl. Speaker and Sales Coach @

large-arrow-pointing-right-33.3-10795The traffic my site has received is incredible.  I was skeptical at first but in just the first week I had a 35% gain in traffic without doing anything but letting Peak Reputation work their magic.  Thank you.  Robin Leigh Cahill –