Growth From Success

Ms. Jodi KaplanSerial Entrepreneur, Jodi Kaplan founded Peak Reputation, Inc. in 2011.

Previously Ms. Kaplan was President of Tech Assist, Inc., an InfoSec software group that grew from 3 to 150 employees from 1992 through 2007. A group of  Tech Assist, Inc. principles went on to form Genuine Components, Inc.

Genuine Components, Inc. provided board level components to manufacturers and military. Genuine was sold to Unitron Components, Inc. through a social media initiative in 2011.

Peak Reputation, Inc. grew out of the successes of Tech Assist, Inc. and Genuine Components, Inc. and the impact that online reputation has for all organizations with a distinct need for effective maintenance and management.

During her Presidency for Tech Assist Kaplan was a keynote speaker at security conferences and authored many columns on internal computer security.

Ms. Kaplan has appeared on the Today Show, Good Morning America and many other TV and Radio programs. She has been interviewed more than 300 times and has debated the ACLU on ABC’s Nightline.

Brand Loyalty Through Marketing

With 20 years of reputation management experience protecting organizations from their disgruntled ex-employees, unethical competitors and with experience in marketing software and services, offering Online Reputation Management services seemed to be a natural transition.


Peak Reputation’s Offerings Include:

  • Brand Enhancement & Management
  • Reputation Monitoring & Repair
  • Text & Mobile Marketing Implementation
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Local & Global
  • 5 Star Ratings & Reviews Solutions
  • Social Media Management & Maintenance
  • Content Creation Including Campaigns & Blogs
  • Website Design & Development (e-Commerce, Lead Generation & Brand Modernization)

If you need to enhance your organization’s reputation, increase visibility, engage customers or generate demand – Peak Reputation, Inc. has the solution.

Brand Loyalty Through Marketing

Your online reputation is your businesses greatest asset – protect it.

Let Peak Reputation protect and enhance your standings in today’s digital marketplace.

Reputation Management

For more information on how your organization can enhance your online reputation, become more visible, gain more positive reviews and get closer to your customers than ever before contact us today.