Social Media Management Is All About Quality Content

Social Media Management Is All About Quality Content

Quality Content Creation

It is impossible to write or talk about Social Media Management without talking about Content.  Quality Content is at the heart of any strategy you could possibly come up with to address ANY Social Media goal.

There are several things to consider when putting together your content creation strategy as well.

  • Format
  • Purpose
  • Social Media Destination

Content Format

A good Social Media Strategy will include a number of different types of content formatting.  Sometimes people will get so caught up with video that they forget the importance of simple images.  Powerpoints are still quite effective, and PDFs are great for white papers and free reports.

The great thing about this is that you can and should use the content you create in more than one format.  Powerpoints are easily converted to videos and/or PDFs.

Content Purpose

Just as important as it is to use multiple formats, don’t neglect creating content that is varied in  purpose.  We use a mix of content that is aimed at niche related news, what we call “Edutainment” (a mix of education and entertainment) as well as some content that is purely promotional.

It is important to keep the promotional category in check.  Good Social Media Management is all about Marketing which is about positioning in the marketplace.  That DOESN’T always mean going directly for a sale.

Social Media Destination

When you are in the process of creating your content, much of what you decide as to format and purpose will be influenced strongly by what Social Media Site the content will be posted to.  Obviously videos are all you can post to YouTube, while Pinterest and Facebook give you more options but not unlimited formats either.

Keep in mind that sites like LinkedIn and other more B2B oriented sites are not the place for promotional content, and very little in the way of entertainment type posts.

In the end, these three items will require a balanced and considered approach such as we strive for here at Peak Reputation, Inc.  Balancing these properly makes the difference between a successful Social Media Management approach and one that fails to meet it’s goals consistently.

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