Should You Use Social Media Automation?

Should You Use Social Media Automation?

Should You Automate?

Automating your Social Media marketing is one of the hottest topics online today.  People swear by it and others swear at it, leaving most people with the lingering question:  Should I automate my Social Media Marketing?

From Hubspot to HootSuite to relative newcomers like If This Then Than (IFTTT), there is no lack of options if you want to go the automation route.  There are pros and cons to each of them, but to answer the big question of whether you should or not, you have to answer a few basic questions:

  1. Is your goal primarily extending the social reach of your posts?  Any platform you select with extend the  social reach of your posts, but many will leave you with devalued links from Google.  Hence question #2:
  2. Is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) a concern?  If a platform has functionality that isn’t primarily about Social Media Automation (like IFTTT which is considered a productivity tool) then Google has no issue with your links.
  3. Is cost a factor?  Most platforms have at least a basic package you can get for free, and some have very low cost upgrades available.  You will find there are several Social Media Automation platforms that have substantial costs associated with them.  Be sure you need all that these have to offer before committing to thousands of dollars in annual costs.

Most business owners simply don’t have the time to manually post to all of their Social Media accounts with the frequency necessary to accomplish their marketing goals.  Time is also a factor in keeping up with what’s going on in Social Media, the automation market, and the whims of Google itself!

An honest assessment of the issues involved makes an outside marketing agency’s assistance not just invaluable, but more of a necessity every day…

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