Marketing In 2014 – Statistical Infographic

Marketing In 2014 – Statistical Infographic

Captivating Marketing Statistics

Putting together a strategy for your marketing efforts in 2014 is as complex as ever.  But armed with some statistics on an easy to read infographic?!  Simplicity itself…

A few things to note:

  • Content Marketing – No surprise, but a good reminder.  Custom Content Marketing as the  Future of Marketing.
  •  Internet Advertising – To make up 24% of all advertising by next year!
  •  Email Marketing – Integrate Social Sharing and increase CTRs by 158%!  Not bad for a medium that has it’s death knell sounded almost weekly.
  • Facebook & LinkedIn – Major sources of leads for the majority of businesses.  Can anyone keep ignoring this and survive?
  •  Blogging – B2B blogging rocking it!  Let’s face it, this is the way to establish your business as the authority in your market.
  • Images Images Images – They get shared more, they teach better and gosh darn it people like them!  Are you doing as much as you could be with images…

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