Local SEO Draws New Customers From A Ten Mile Radius Pool

Local SEO Draws New Customers From A Ten Mile Radius Pool

Draws Customers From Your Own Area

Local SEO is a tough topic these days for many small and medium sized businesses. Since local search is the biggest source of new customers for most businesses it’s an important one too. If you are looking to draw new business within a ten mile radius of your business, this is the way to do it!

Which is why these business owners are inundated with phone calls, emails and mail inserts offering to get them to the top of Google’s search results for lots of cash. We’re speaking, of course, about those huge stacks of cash that used to be used to buy huge display ads in the local yellow pages.

Unfortunately, there are hundreds of companies out there flooding the market with advertising with little to no idea how to fulfill these services.  They get businesses to sign contracts for from 12-18 months and when they’re asked why no results are coming through, the reply is “Oh don’t quit now, we’re almost there!”  At contracts end it’s usually all Google’s fault for those  blasted algorithm changes.

There’s good news too!

In spite of the posers, there are also company’s like ours that  can and do provide legitimate Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Services that will get your business ranked at the top of Google’s local search results.  Since Google truly is today’s Yellow Pages, this is very important!

Company’s that rank in the first three to five spots for a search query like “Tampa Dentist” have the best shot at picking up new customers from an area with a roughly ten mile radius.

If you are one of these business owners, you are probably asking yourself what constitute legitimate Local SEO Services.

This is a very important question!  Many of the companies mentioned above simply hung out a shingle offering these services to fill the void left in their revenues by the Yellow Page Advertising business disappearing.  Again unfortunately, expertise in the display advertising business didn’t prepare these companies to fill the services they then offered.

At Peak Reputation we’ve written here on this  topic and spoken at various events around Tampa and elsewhere about both Local and Global SEO for years.  We’ve not just spoken and written on these topics, we’ve spent years fulfilling SEO Services for clients of all sizes.  We can do the same for your business.

Without going into a long description of how these are fulfilled, here is a short list of what is involved:

  • Onsite Website Optimization
  • Citation Building on Important Directory Sites
  • Online Review Promulgation & Reputation Management
  • Content Creation & Marketing

A far different skillset than the graphics work involved in creating and selling display ads in a phone book. Local SEO Service providers are skilled professional marketers that  stay abreast of a rapidly changing marketplace.  That marketplace is a technology based arena requiring experience and training.

More good news on Local SEO Services: In most cases it costs far less to fulfill these services than it did to buy those display ads in the Yellow Pages.  Give us a chance to create a proposal on these services for your business.  You’ll be glad you did…

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