How You Should SEO In 2015 – Infographic

How You Should SEO In 2015 – Infographic

Ho to do SEO

Attempting SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in 2015 is a different thing that it’s ever been before now… Sort of…

The infographic below is from Kuno Creative and gives a great flow chart of a great approach.  The part about interviewing your customers to see how they search is extremely good.  The rest of the chart will seem sort of basic to a lot of SEO Pros and those of us big on Content Marketing.

That doesn’t make it any less important.  Maybe makes it more important.  SEO in 2015 isn’t about building thousands of links to your website, and it’s less about getting ranked for that one main keyword than it is about finding how people search for those in the market for your products and services. Then providing them with high quality content showcasing why you are THE authority in your market.

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SEO 2015 Infogra