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GetYourReviewOn™: Make The Most Of Online Reviews For Your Business |

GetYourReviewOn™: Make The Most Of Online Reviews For Your Business

GetYourReviewOn™: Make The Most Of Online Reviews For Your Business

Make The Most Of Your Online Reputation

Make The Most Of Your Online ReputationEveryone worries about his or her reputation in a community, but have you ever wondered about your online reputation? Times have changed so much that many recruiters first check the online reputation of candidates before they schedule a face-to-face interview.

Just as for individuals, a business’ online reputation is important for your brand and business. The internet is unregulated to a large degree, and people can write what they want. Negative online reviews mean bad news for your business whether they are left by unsatisfied customers, disgruntled ex-employees or even your competitors. Dell was the first to feel the pinch of this online consumer revolution.

 Online Reviews Do Matter – the Dell Story

The tech giant was doing well financially, but it had neglected to build up its customer service department. In June 2005, a blogger, terminally frustrated by the lackluster customer support section of Dell, created a scathing review about the company. The ‘Dell Sucks’ review went on to create history, as it snowballed into a million-strong comment group of consumers screaming their frustration regarding Dell products.

Not only was this a serious rap on the knuckles for them, but it also shocked the entire business world into sitting up and taking notice. The consensus was that online reviews, customer blogs and social media were important and not to be taken lightly. Every company immediately instituted procedures to monitor internally, online reviews about their products.

Are you also concerned about your online reviews or the lack of online reviews?

An Immediate Solution to Garner Positive Online Reviews

At Peak Reputation, Inc., we have years of experience in monitoring the internet for reputation management. We proudly offer to you our newest product GetYourReviewOn™. This innovative software helps you get more positive online reviews from your customers while offering you the opportunity to address negative comments before they go public.

The fact is that 88% of customers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Getting online reviews for your business is important.

GetYourReviewOn™ simplifies this process for you by engaging your customers and asking for feedback. This gives you, the business owner, an opportunity to resolve any negative feedback in a private setting before these reviews get published on more public platforms like Yelp or Google+. Any positive feedback that your customer leaves can be used as testimonials on your website, and you can share these on external review sites like Google+, Yelp and more.

This is a win-win situation for you as GetYourReviewOn™ helps

  • Generate feedback/review from customers
  • Address any problem areas, thereby enhancing your level of customer service
  • Share positive reviews online, where they influence other customers to approach your business.

GetYourReviewOnline™ also tracks your company’s name online, creates a detailed report of positive or negative reviews, social media mentions, customer feedback, etc., and prepares a detailed report for review. You can download the software on your tablet or smartphone and know instantly when your brand is mentioned online. GetYourReviewOn™ also offers email alerts in case of negative customer feedback, so that you can address it immediately.

The Bottom Line

Right now, getting positive online reviews is crucial. Ignoring negative customer comments and reviews can eventually lead to financial suicide for your company. It is imperative for small and large businesses to proactively track their social reputation and ensure that their customers are happy.

Peak Reputation, Inc. can help. Get in touch with us and learn more about GetYourReviewOn™.