Does Alexa Rank Matter – Alexa’s Real Value – Infographic

Does Alexa Rank Matter – Alexa’s Real Value – Infographic

Alexa's Real Value

On authority sites and blogs across the internet, you read contradictory information about Alexa Rank.

“Alexa Rank is vital for SEO and Google Pagerank.”  

“Alexa means nothing for either.”

The reality is that Alexa Rank is mostly useful as a measurement tool.

Amazon owns the service, and provides invaluable information about website that assist you in SEO and in reaching targeted visitors as well.

 SEO results can be misleading and difficult to track as you work to market a website.  Using the information that you get from Alexa Ranking and other metrics on the site makes it far simpler to see progress.  

Here are a few misconceptions about Alexa…

Alexa Rank Is Simply A Popularity Contest

While it is true that Alexa Rank measures website’s popularity comparative to the entire internet, it is important to understand: Popular Among Whom?

The only traffic Alexa is using to rank websites, is traffic from those visitors that have the Alexa Toolbar installed on their browsers.  And while this tends to be some of the highest quality traffic online,  it does give added weight to those involved in online marketing.  This can mean webmasters, SEO techs and a host of other internet professionals.

It is still a very valuable comparative rank and should be considered strongly, as the Alexa toolbar is rarely installed on machines providing junk traffic.

Alexa Rank Will Improve Your SEO Rankings

What we have here is a real chicken and egg scenario…

Are your SEO rankings improving because your Alexa Rank is going up, or is your Alexa Rank going up because your SEO rankings are improving?

I tend to think that it’s a little of both.  I’ve seen no compelling evidence either way, but I track it along with a host of other factors when working on SEO projects.  When push comes to shove, you can’t really trust what Google says about what they do and don’t use anyway.  

I do know this:  Alexa provides more free SEO info than most services.   So why not use it?!

Alexa Rank Is Worthless – It Just Doesn’t Matter

Nothing could be farther from the truth.  Using your Alexa Rank relative to competitor’s websites (or even to your own Alexa Rank history) gives you a yardstick to measure the effectiveness of your site promotion efforts.

How could a service providing the wealth of marketing insight available on Alexa be worthless?!

I know this…

Our Alexa Website Accelerator product improves SEO rankings, increases targeted website visitors, visitor’s time on site goes up,  and bounce rates go way down.  And as all these beneficial things occur, their Alexa Ranks climb steadily and quickly.

Isn’t that what website promotion is all about?!

Peak Reputation Consultation


How do we do improve our client’s Alexa Rank and get all these other benefits for their websites as well?

The following infographic titled “The Complete Guide To Improving Alexa Rank” will give you a primer.  Forgive the poor translation as the info is spot on…

Improve Your Alexa Rank